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Watch Us Grow!

After a lot of careful planning and hard work, our new office is ready!

Please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this page and work your way up…see the progress of our construction resulting in our amazing new workspace!
image0 (3)
image1 (3)

This is our new Optical Area- the biggest selection of high quality Designer Frames in the area!

image4 (1)
image1 (4)

The contact lens training space, dilation waiting area and kids’ corner are ready for action!

image1 (5)
image2 (3)
image0 (4)

Our huge selection of contact lenses and supplies are fully stocked and our new exam lanes are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology…all ready to help you achieve the best Vision Health possible!

image4 (2)
image2 (4)

To see how this process went from start to finish, scroll down to the bottom and work your way back up to here 🙂

The final step in our big renovation- making sure we put our best foot forward when you arrive.

We paid close close attention to every detail!

IMG 3681
IMG 3688

Dividing up our new work and service areas with internal walls allowed us to really start getting ourselves ready for the fine detailed work.

IMG 7875
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Getting the walls up and the roof on allowed us to start working on the inside…

IMG 7880
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IMG 7874

Once we had foundations laid and the framing started, we could really begin to see how much more space we would have and how that would help us do more for our patients!

IMG 7870
IMG 7869
IMG 7871

In the Beginning… we broke ground, laid everything out and started the work!

IMG 7849
IMG 7845
IMG 7837

This is where it all began- we started from the ground up, so please follow along as we grew our practice!